Author: vicky

Sex Trafficking

If CONSENT & Age verification is required on platforms like Pornhub, they would crumble. They agree. That should tell you something. ? MOST OF THEIR CONTENT IS ILLEGAL. That’s not hard to see. ? They know it. We know it.

Free Speech & Sexual Assault

The Importance of Giving Sexual Assault Survivors the Right to Free Speech Sexual assault is a traumatic experience that can shatter the lives of survivors. The path to healing is a long and difficult process that often involves speaking out about the experience. Unfortunately, sexual assault survivors have been silenced due to societal taboo and […]

Pornhub Knows

It’s hard to believe that a company as big as Pornhub would choose to profit from sex trafficking content, but it’s the cold hard truth. Their website is USER GENERATED. This makes it like YouTube, filled with videos of anyone, uploaded by Users. Pornhub is aware of the video editing capabilities and what’s going on […]

The Harsh Reality

Every day, millions of people around the world are subject to different types of harassment. Unfortunately, one of the most prevalent forms of harassment is through the creation of fake or fraudulent social media accounts. While social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be great ways for people to connect with each other, […]

Laura Lackman

I didn’t forget you. You get a page too. What made you think it was okay to monetize my non-consensual and rape content on Pornhub? Did you enjoy traveling while ruining my life?

Lauri Nevalainen

Lauri Nevalainen in Helsinki, Finland monetized my sex trafficking content on Pornhub. Now, I am being tagged by name on landing pages with pornographic content. The registered owner of a website doing this… Someone in Helsinki, Finland. Let’s give him a landing page under his name too. Did I mention that Lauri works in AI […]

Abusers Use Courts to Further Abuse

Let me be very clear… When I first discovered my abuse (both times), I was a traumatized mess. I was unable to even speak coherent sentences to some extent… I couldn’t describe what had happened or was continuing to happen. I AM NOT THAT SAME WOMAN. I now understand what happened and have put together […]