The Protect Act

What is the Protect Act?

The Preventing Rampant Online Technological and Criminal Trafficking Act (PROTECT Act) was introduced in the United States by Senator Mike Lee from Utah. Here’s the Press Release.

The Protect Act would require internet websites to verify the age, consent and identification of all person’s appearing in any pornographic content online.

This would make a HUGE impact in preventing child sexual abuse material as well as non-consensual content from even appearing on the largest platforms in the first place. It would also force the removal of illegal material that is all over the internet including websites like Pornhub.


Consent is critical because the non-consensual distribution of intimate images is a violation of an individual’s privacy and autonomy. An individual’s right to make decisions about their own body and sexuality is a fundamental human right, and any non-consensual distribution of intimate images undermines that right.In cases of revenge pornography, a former partner or individual often shares intimate images or videos without the person’s consent, and this can have severe emotional and psychological impacts on the victim. The distribution of these images can cause feelings of humiliation, shame, and even PTSD.

Moreover, when intimate images are shared without consent, it can also lead to online harassment or bullying, physical stalking and abuse, and potential job loss or reputational damage.

Consent-based policies and laws serve to protect individuals from these violations and serve as a deterrent for those who may consider engaging in such behavior. It is crucial to always obtain explicit consent before sharing any intimate images or videos, and to respect an individual’s right to privacy and self-determination.

Age Verification

Age verification of performers is essential to prevent child sexual abuse material from being distributed online. In the case of pornography involving minors, the creation, distribution, and possession of such content are illegal and considered a severe form of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Age verification helps ensure that the individuals involved in pornography are of legal age and that those who are not are not exploited.

These processes can help ensure that the content posted online is legal and consensual.

Without proper age verification, children may be exploited in the production of pornographic material, and it can be distributed and monetized on websites, easily accessible to millions of people worldwide.

The distribution of child sexual abuse material is a serious crime, and there are laws and penalties associated with it.

Age verification is an essential step in preventing the distribution and viewing of such material and protecting the children involved in it.

Identification verification

Verifying that the identity of each person appearing in pornographic content prevents sex traffickers, abusers and criminals from monetizing illegal sexual abuse and content of others. It also helps protect content produced by persons who voluntarily wish to engage in pornography productions. It protects victims and self-proclaimed “sex workers” from having others criminally profit from illegally stolen content.


Tech companies, websites and platforms are the ones who profit the most from illegally shared pornographic content. They should be held responsible financially for their failure to remove illegal content after being made aware. The sex trafficking laws in the United States clearly state that anyone knowingly profiting is not immune under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, but law enforcement agencies are NOT holding them accountable. The Protect Act would create financial penalties for failure to remove illegal content which is exactly the incentive needed to encourage compliance and enforce regulation.