It took me a long time to see the magnitude of people involved in the exploitation of others on Pornhub… so I can understand the hesitancy to believe. However, Pornhub is nothing more than racketeering.

Here’s a screenshot of me on Pornhub right now under a fraudulently “verified” account.

This video was made in Las Vegas while drugged and raped by Brandon and his associates. A blindfold was placed over my eyes and I am rolling around in the bed laughing while being passed around and abused by multiple men.

And below is deepfaked content of myself. This “model” looks different in all of her content and is obviously not a real person. Guess this is one of Lauri’s technology-assisted creations.

On the left is a photo of me from social media, on the right a “verified” model on Pornhub with edited nonconsensual porn. Notice that tooth appearing jagged?

Little clues like this prove it isn’t Laura Lackman. Her horse sized teeth are not jagged at all. They continually edit content to make it harder to prove and law enforcement gives them a big heads up to do so. It was 3 months before police even interviewed Brandon in person. Prior to that, just an immediate phone call to tip him off as soon as I reported.

I have thousands of things like this. Not to mention my name, my birthmark and my saying of Brandon’s name in videos. So the real question is, why is nothing being done by law enforcement? Makes you wonder how deep corruption is…

I’ve connected with other survivors of deepfaked and edited content around the world. This is actually pretty common. Here’s proof everyday on 4chan…