Read the New York Times Article exposing Pornhub

Opinion | The Children of Pornhub – The New York Times (

The Fight to Hold Pornhub Accountable

Read about Marsy’s Law and Victims Rights for TN

Marsy’s Law was introduced into legislature in Tennessee, but did not pass. Follow this link to read more and sign the petition here. Marsy’s law has passed in other states. Tell your representatives to support it in Tennessee!

Advocates You Should Know

  • Laila Mickelwait – One of my personal favorites! Laila is the founder of the #TraffickingHub movement. Check out her Facebook profile HERE.
  • Dawn Hawkins / NCOSE – Also a favorite of mine. Dawn is an abolitionist and the CEO for NCOSE (National Center on Sexual Exploitation). Check out NCOSE on Facebook HERE.
  • Helen Taylor / Exodus Cry – A great nonprofit working to raise awareness against sexual exploitation. Check them out HERE.
  • Suzanna McKinney / Marsy’s Law for TN

Are you a victim? Here are some resources I found helpful…

Feel free to reach out to me by email at [email protected] and I am always willing to help find a solution to whatever problem you may have. Some of the best people I have met are fellow survivors of sexual exploitation and/or advocates. Sometimes simply having a conversation with someone who is trauma-informed can make a huge impact in your life. It has for me! Remember, we are stronger together!

Make sure to request an advocate and read about victim’s rights in your area.