Justice is the First Duty of Society

Justice for Victoria Galy

What happened?

UPDATE – SINCE THE INITIAL LAUNCH OF THIS WEBSITE MANY MORE ACCOUNTS AND “MODELS” have been discovered on Pornhub CLAIMING MY DATE RAPE CONTENT. Pornhub REFUSES to remove the accounts. These accounts are some of their top models and have hundreds of millions of views. This is downright criminal.

Taking someone across state lines, assisting in drugging them and raping them, allowing others to rape them and recording to be exploited online for financial gain… That’s sex trafficking. Black and white. Now, I am seeing more and more edited, deepfake and AI assisted non-consensual pornographic content than ever on Pornhub. Vice News has many articles on the topic. Feel free to look. 

Some of these abuse videos originate from Pornhub’s “gfrevenge” channel which has been removed entirely but the “models” and content are still appearing elsewhere on their site. Perhaps this is why they removed their video counter. 

My abuser has continued to harrass me and I refuse to let him break my spirit. As of July 9, 2022 I continue to be harrassed and threatened via doxxing. It’s pathetic……… He actually sent me evidence that shows he’s been editing and harrassing me for years. The Court hearing for the Order of Protection is upcoming and so the legal battles begin.

Did I mention I took a polygraph and everything I said was 100% truthful? Perhaps Brandon would like to do the same.

Take back your power… Use your words.

The First Duty of Society is Justice


My district attorney is 78 years old and has declined prosecution on this matter despite clear evidence to be successful. This same district attorney, Lawrence Ray Whitley, and the police department, Hendersonville Police Department, is mentioned in this article for “dishonorable” conduct resulting in an innocent man spending 4 years of his life wrongly incarcerated.

I met a man online. He pretended to be someone he was not. We had a brief relationship followed by what I thought was a “friends with benefits” situation. This man, over a two year period, made nonconsensual pornographic videos of me and himself. Some of these videos were taken while I was drugged and being told what to do (which I am now dealing with the flashbacks). Others were hidden cameras. These videos ended up on Pornhub under a “verified” model. By the time I fully comprehended what happened, there were over 8 million views and over 20,000 subscribers to this “model”. I was impersonated by a couple in Helsinki, Finland. Because of this and because of the edited and almost faceless nature of the videos, it has made it difficult for me to get justice. However, the proof is there. I say my offender’s name in at least one of the videos (“Brandon”) despite Laura and Lauri being the couple that claimed these videos. They are listed under a name that I have always gone by, “Vicky xxxxx”. My birthmark is also visible in screenshots from the illegal videos. Every body part I have can be matched to these videos. Pornhub and these criminals have profited tremendously. Meanwhile, I have been stalked and harassed by strangers who recognized me. I have even been propositioned by a man to make more videos.

Please sign my petition and DEMAND that the appropriate authorities properly investigate and prosecute my case.

Not only do these offenders need to be in prison, but prosecution could prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. If we allow this behavior to persist without punishment, we are saying it is okay. It is NOT okay. Please stand with me.

Need proof?

I do not want to post naked photos or re-traumatize myself, but people need to know this is real. Here is a photo posted under the Vicky ***** name. I have covered the private areas with a sticker, but you can see my face is visible. The woman that claimed these photos/videos looks NOTHING like this photo. SEE ABUSERS PAGE. 

Photo used by Laura Lackman and Lauri Nevalainen

Why do I share my story?

That’s simple. There are 2 main reasons.

First, it takes away the embarrassment and control that my perpetrators had over me. I will not be embarrassed for having sex. I will not be embarrassed for dating someone who lied about who they were. I will not be embarrassed because someone else chose to steal from me, my most personal moments. No. I will stand tall and continue living. I will, however, get justice. They simply awoke a beast they should have left sleeping.

Second, this type of sexual exploitation is happening all over the world. Many of us are so naïve that we do not believe it is the people closest to us. Trust me, it is. Awareness is the first step to change. When the New York Times article title “Children of Pornhub” came out, Serena Fleites told her story of sexual exploitation. Serena is a child. Why should our children have to stand up and bring awareness to what is going on in the world? I am a grown woman, and I will take a stand with you Serena. I am so proud of you. Thank you for lighting the way for us survivors.

Actual Adult Entertainment industry forums…ever heard of porn edit and reupload method? And yes Pornhub does allow it.

What do you do when criminals are smarter than law enforcement and prosecutors??

     The statistics for abuse survivors would probably surprise most of you (if you aren’t already one of the third of us who reportedly experienced it).

     In one such study, it found that only 2% of rapists were ever convicted. That estimate, of course, doesn’t include the 70-90% that are never reported it in the first place. This means that over 99% of victims never receive justice. Many are afraid to report as they fear being disbelieved. What a sad fact.

     “Of 22 substances used in drug facilitated rapes, alcohol is the most common finding in investigations of drug facilitated sexual assault cases,” according to this article.


Edit & Reupload Method