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Trauma & Abuse

Being able to verbalize what happened to you is very important. As a trauma abuse survivor, the natural response is to not be able to do so. Memory repression is actually COMMON for people who have been through significant traumas. Trouble with recall is expected. I was not able to verbalize what happened to me […]

Pinch me, Please

It’s hard to believe that I am a RAPE victim, but must BEG and DEMAND that websites not profit from and PROMOTE my worst moments. Is this really the reality of the world right now? A man can drug you, rape you, allow others to participate and then monetize that abuse online. And because of […]

Sexual Assault Survivors Typically Get No Justice

It’s unfortunate that sexual assault survivors often face significant challenges when seeking justice. Here are a few reasons why achieving justice can be difficult for them… Lack of Evidence In many cases, sexual assaults occur behind closed doors without any witnesses, making it very difficult to gather evidence in support of the survivor’s accusations. This […]

How Can We Get Lawmakers to LISTEN

Getting lawmakers to listen can be a difficult and complex process. Here are a few steps you can take to increase the chances of lawmakers hearing you out: Know your issue: Research and gather as much information as you can about the issue you want to address. Be able to articulate who it affects, its […]

“Hurt People Hurt People”… Not always

It’s a common adage that “hurt people hurt people”. The pain we experience in our past can manifest in our actions and behavior towards others, often in negative ways. However, it’s important to remember that hurt isn’t the end all, be all. Pain and trauma may be defining moments in our lives, but they don’t […]

To Pornhub & the like…

It is utterly repulsive that websites can openly participate in the heinous act of sex trafficking while simply “getting away” with it. How is it that in our supposedly “civilized” society, we allow such blatant disregard for human life? It’s easy to place blame on the websites themselves, but what about the individuals behind them? […]