Are You A Victim?

Are you a survivor of image-based sexual abuse?

Resources and Information for Victims of Image-Based Sexual Abuse

Image-based sexual abuse, also known as “revenge porn,” is a form of sexual violence that involves the distribution or sharing of intimate images without the person’s consent.

This type of abuse can be devastating, and it is essential that victims have access to appropriate support, resources, and help-seeking avenues.

One of the first steps that victims of image-based sexual abuse can take is to report the incident to the authorities. (Optional)

There are also several organizations dedicated to providing support, guidance, and resources to victims of image-based sexual abuse. Some of these include:

Human Trafficking Hotline


Without My Consent – Take Down

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Recovering from the trauma of image-based sexual abuse requires the right care and support. Counseling and emotional support can help survivors to work through their emotions and move forward.

Remember you are not alone and these feelings will not stay forever!

Here are some counseling and emotional support resources for those impacted by image-based sexual abuse:

National Sexual Assault Hotline (US)

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

Victims Connect Resource Center

Mental Health America


Victims of image-based sexual abuse do not have to suffer alone. There are many resources available to help them through this challenging experience.

Organizations dedicated to supporting those impacted by image-based sexual abuse, reporting channels, and counseling services can provide victims with the care, support, and resources necessary to begin the healing process.

If you or someone you know is a victim of image-based sexual abuse, please reach out for help, and know that there are people and organizations who are ready to support you.