Trauma & Abuse

Being able to verbalize what happened to you is very important. As a trauma abuse survivor, the natural response is to not be able to do so. Memory repression is actually COMMON for people who have been through significant traumas. Trouble with recall is expected.

I was not able to verbalize what happened to me because of trauma itself. What a double edged sword.

Law enforcement officers, Judges, the average person could not understand. I’ve had to learn so many things…

For example, when these edited videos came out, I did not understand it myself. I had to learn what tools were used and how. I had to learn how these people connected. I spent hundreds of hours learning video editing (it wasn’t as easy or prevalent years ago). I hung out online… places like Pornhub,, BlackHatWorld… I set up accounts as needed and began to watch and learn. I saw the people who exploited me continue to do so. I saw them brag about it even. I saw comments and content posted by people I personally knew. My eyes slowly began to open to this secret world that was “hiding” in plain sight online in front of the whole world.

My journey has included gaining insight in politics, the use of AI technology, website design, search engine optimization, domain hosting, etc. This is why I set up a website. I have AI that writes my blogs. Mainly for search engine optimization…. But I do try to pick positive topics. ?

Sometimes you may get something a bit aggressive on topics, especially if I have been triggered (PTSD) because I feel very strongly.

Women shouldn’t have to beg for RAPE videos (or any other nonconsensually shared content) to be removed from online. We also shouldn’t have to beg companies like Pornhub to stop advertising our rapes. This is an UNREAL world that we are living in.